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Our mobile ecovillage has moved its activities to a new village!

Our mobile ecovillage has closed its activities in the village of Sohodol, Bran, after 3 years. We started a new chapter in our story, in the village of Moieciu de Sus!


We wholeheartedly thank to all those who contributed to bring this dream to life in the villlage of Sohodol, a vision on paper does not mean much without all those who made it happen. We take with us dozens of wonderful memories, as well as profound life lessons from which we learned enormously.

Each location in which we carry out our activities implicitly comes with a different story, which is equally beautiful, authentic and aligned with our highest values.

We continue our mission in the village of Moieciu de Sus with exactly the same vision, concept and objectives with which the entire Nomad Ecovillage project began.

We put our heart, passion, time and finances at work to create and be part of an ecological community where we can enjoy nature together, each other and the wonderful village that hosts us. 

Why an off-grid mobile/nomad ecovillage? Because we like to be free, to travel and to discover remote areas with high potential in which we can bring our contribution. 

Soon you will be able to visit us and experience the first mobile ecovillage we are aware of! 

An ecovillage is a traditional or intentional community created to become socially, culturally, economically and ecologically sustainable.

The community strives to produce the least possible negative impact on the natural environment through ecological building and materials, as well as responsible member behaviour.

The members of the community (including guests staying in the ecovillage) are generally united by the same principles. In other words, the “eco-locals” are looking for alternative ways that help them live in perfect harmony with the world around them.

Most members intend to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle while constantly making conscious efforts to avoid waste and unnecessary consumerism, excessive dependence on fossil fuels and genetically modified food. Moreover, they strive to make conscious choices that are not only harmless for the environment but also contribute to its regeneration.

The main purpose of the association is to connect people within an ecological community.  

Our goal is to encourage our community members and guests to experience and live a sustainable and responsible life in harmony with the environment.

We aim to create meaningful connections and epic experiences for those who visit our nomad community. We are members ourselves and we strive to empathize with the other residents by understanding their needs and desires.

At Nomad Ecovillage Basecamp we offer opportunities to live, learn and cooperate with people from different cultural and social backgrounds. We aim to encourage our members to actively participate in the development of a community based on understanding, intercultural respect and care for the environment.

Nomad Ecovillage NGO is a non-governmental organisation created to empower its members to live a sustainable and responsible life.  

 We are engaged in providing immersive ecotourism experiences, training and education, maintaining and promoting cultural traditions, volunteering, environmental awareness and development work.


We aim to support young people to explore their potential and learn new life skills and traditional crafts

The organization is opening a new door to help young people acquire knowledge, develop skills and competencies in a rural setting. Furthermore, it seeks to build communication and intercultural dialogue among its members from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities, organising and getting involved in meaningful events for the local and international community.


Our objectives

 To achieve our purpose, the Association is working towards the following objectives:
  • Creating an ecological nomad community;
  • Supporting ecotourism, sustainable tourism and agrotourism;
  • Involving the neighboring local community and our members in protecting the environment;
  • Creating educational programs and activities that contribute to the development of our members' abilities (personal, professional, educational, cultural, spiritual, gastronomic, artistic, civic, social, economic, ecological and sport related skills);
  • Cooperation with other local, national and international likemided organizations;
  • Development of eco-volunteering programs and experience exchanges (cultural, environmental protection, etc.);
  • Promoting organic farming and permaculture;
  • Encouraging cultural diversity and social inclusion;
  • Fostering professional development by organizing training courses and seminars both for the local community and for members of the ecological community;
  • Promoting opportunities to spend free time through various workshops, sports, hiking, discussions and activities done together;
  • Organization of camps with various themes: cultural, social, environmental, sports etc.;
  • Creation of an artistic, crafts center to develop the skills of the participants.
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